Career Development and Alumni Relations


Career Development and Alumni Communication Directorate students and graduates in their development processes and planning their new journeys that will start with their graduation, and provides them with various suggestions, help, and guidance for them to create their own opportunities.

Our office aims to make our students and graduates more successful in their professional lives and become sought-after individuals in the business world. The aim is to create a confident, contemporary, cultured, innovative and powerful Yeditepe community in the business world.


  • Yeditepe Career Development and Alumni Communication Directorate efforts to realize this important goal;
  • To help our students determine their interests and career goals by providing career counseling services,
  • To support our students in planning their academic and professional lives and in the steps they will take about them,
  • With the Technical Travel Programs, our students should know the sectors before graduation, see the professional life in place and ensure that they learn the expectations of the business world.
  • With the mentoring program, to bring our students together with our successful graduates or with successful people from the sector, to ensure that they receive objective support when planning their education and career life,
  • Providing training and consulting on developing CVs, pre-writing and interview techniques,
  • To make use of internship opportunities in the leading companies of the business world, to make full-time, part-time, short-term job opportunities and to create studies by making sectoral collaborations,
  • Organizing a Career Festival and hosting the most successful business people on our campus to share their experiences and experiences with our students, to create a bridge of communication between employers and students, to enable students to get to know the companies closely and to provide job and internship opportunities,
  • Providing support for both academic and individual development by organizing workshops and seminars,
  • Within the scope of the Personal Development Days program, our students organize free, certified technical and personal development training each semester. providing support for the development of career management skills, with all the qualifications and equipment needed by the business world,
  • Bringing our students, alumni, and company representatives together through Yeditepe Network Platform to ensure that the activities carried out by the Career Development and Alumni Relations Directorate are announced in a single channel.