Welcome to our University!

We invite all our students who have registered to our University as of 2021, to our orientation events on 20-21-22 September. We have planned both fun and informing events for you:

  • With campus orienteering event, you will discover our Campus with various routes on the map to be given to you, and receive information regarding different units that you will visit during your education. We will be happy to see our students who registered in 2020, and could not see the campus in person so far.
  • All our 2021 students will meet in person with their peer advisors.
  • By joining our online Dean of Students sessions, you will learn about the procedures of our University.
  • In faculty orientations, of which information will be provided at faculty web sites, you will learn about departmental and academic procedures.

We highly recommend you to visit students clubs stands located in front of the Social Facilities Building, throughout the orientation program.

In order to prevent crowding, campus orienteering event will commence in different times within the time period determined. You should apply to the Dean of Students stand located in front of the Rectorate Building at the time you will receive in an SMS. For instance, for the event that is between 9:00-12:00 in the schedule, if you receive an SMS stating that you should be there at 11:45, you should arrive at the rectorate building at 11:45.

We recommend you to wear comfortable clothes during orientation program.

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