Cover Letter Preparation Techniques


Cover Letter, usually in a 3-4-paragraph format, in which you describe what the achievements and experiences you mentioned in the CV add to you as a professional. In the Front Letter, you briefly describe how your actions contribute to your personal and professional development.

Your cover letter or other professional correspondence provides the opportunity to:

  • Introduce yourself and state your objective
  • Personalize your resume
  • Highlight information that addresses the needs and interests of the employer

Cover Letter Tips

  • No longer than one page and have no more than four paragraphs
  • Tailor each letter to the company and position.  Know your reader and his/her organization
  • Address your letter to a specific person.  Use “Hiring Manager” or “Human Resources Manager” only as a last resort.  Call and ask to whom you should address your letter
  • Your letter should be easy to read, printed neatly on a single page of good quality paper and free of spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors
  • Write each letter in your own words
  • Do not just list your skills and strengths, use concrete examples of how you have developed your skills and used your talents 
  • Check your spelling mistakes several times, and even have someone else check it for you.


Send a cover letter with all resumes.

Do not forget to come to the career development office and review your cover letter and CV.

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