Before The İnterview


Prepare for the Interview Research: 

a) Research the Employer

  - What the company does (mission, vision, etc.)

   -Information about work industry,

   - Products / their customers,

   - What others say about the company

   - The company's awards, if any social responsibility projects,

   - Company competitors,

   - Explore the company's recent projects and the progress of the sector.

b) Research options: (review of CVs of employers and top executives)

  -The company's own website (the company's vision, mission, foundation, development, products, etc.)

Know Yourself:

  • What skills/experiences do you bring an employer?
  • How do these skills/experiences relate to the position you are interviewing for?
  • Prepare a positive spin on any potential negatives. Instead of making excuses, redirect their attention to other activities/skills that will alleviate their concerns.

For example: if you’re lacking related experience, discuss your skills gained through school projects, organizations you’re a part of, or volunteer work.


Business Professional (Interview Attire):  

  • The Suit: single breasted 2-3 buttons jacket. Matching jacket and pants or knee length skirt. Best colors: grey, black, navy, or brown. Pant length should give a slight break at the front of your shoe. ½” of shirt collar showing. 
  • Shirts/Blouses: Thick enough so that it isn’t see-through.  Avoid tight fit, low necklines, and busy patterns. Best colors are white, light blue, and pale colors.
  • Ties: Darker than your shirt. Length should end at your belt. Keep it conservative.
  • Accessories: Stay conservative; jewelry and other accessories can overshadow you. No piercings other than earrings. Professional watch.  Nude colored hose. Natural looking makeup. Shave or neatly trimmed beard. Professional haircut.  Briefcase/portfolio OR purse. No book bags. Match belt and shoes. Calf length socks should match or be slightly darker than pants. No cologne/perfume. Cover tattoos if possible.
  • Shoes: closed toe, 1” – 1 1/2” heel, comfortable, polished leather. Best colors are black, brown or burgundy.


***Remember the Career Office has interview rooms you can reserve***

 You can make an appointment with Yeditepe Network for Interview Simulation.