Mentoring Program




The purpose of the Mentorship Program, carried out by Yeditepe University Career Development and Alumni Communications Directorate, is to bring together the Yeditepe alumnus with the students so that they can share their wide knowledge and experience on their career journey, thus preparing them to World of business in the best way possible.  Mentoring is a one-to-one learning and development relationship based on confidentiality and trust, which aims to provide individual development for life and career. In this sense, the missions of the mentors include counseling, constant support, learning partner, coaching, protecting, acting as a role model and guidance.


Taking part in our Mentorship Program as a Mentee will enable you to have the opportunity to gain awareness, support your individual and professional development and reach variety of resources by establishing an important learning relationship with your mentor, which we call learning partners, to prepare you for your life and career transition processes.


You can apply to the Mentoring Program via Yeditepe Network.