Personal Development Days


What we mean by the Career Development Office is that we aim to be become full members and competent individuals while taking Professional action. Optimize this item, it specializes in period field,working with company and organizing a series of free and certified personal development training. We reveal the individual’s potential, diminish it and approach it correctly, aim to explain target audiences, and if they are approaching or approaching in this regard, they are approaching here, what ı want, what we want in bussiness life and what we do.

Students can benefit from personal and personal development trainings, adding value to themselves, making a difference in their private or Professional life, learning their goals and skills at the right place and time. With each passing day becoming more widespread and increasing the importance of personal development in the region where the training of the other candidates in the selection process.

Our students and alumni can follow our social media accounts or through Yeditepe Network to be informed about our education and apply.