Sectoral Collaborations


As Yeditepe University, Career Development and Alumni Communication Directorate , we are realizing sustainable sectoral collaborations on this path with the aim of raising graduates who have all the qualifications and equipment needed by the business world, and who are innovative, learning, local and global thinking.

We create new channels in the sector for our students and alumni by means of sectoral cooperation efforts and at the same time enable our students to experience the sectoral practices as well as the contemporary academic knowledge they have received. Another output of our sectoral cooperation is; is to create the Yeditepeli community in the sector with the advantages that we provide to the professionals in the business world in our graduate programs.


With sectoral cooperation agreements that enable us to establish a sustainable communication with the leading companies of the business world;

  • Bringing our students and graduates in the business world,
  • Realizing sectoral projects,
  • To be aware of sectoral practices through guest trainers / speakers
  • With competitions, case studies, interview simulations and branded lessons, we create the opportunity to train graduates with the competencies the business world is seeking.