Student Clubs

Our University established students clubs/societies for students to be actively involved in democratic, social, cultural, artistic, sportive activities and to equally and regularly benefit from the opportunities provided by the University.


  • Only undergraduate students can become a member to Clubs/Societies.
  • One student can become a member to more than one Club/Society. However, the student can not be assigned to any duty in more than one Administrative Board..
  • Membership is effected at the beginning of each acedemic year through registration.
  • The activities of Clubs/Societies whose number of members stay behind ten members for two consecutive terms are ended. For newly establihed Clubs/Societies, this rule becomes effective after the completion of one year from the establishment of the Club/Society.
  • Students who were subjected to any disciplinary punishment can not be assigned to any duty in the Administrative Board. Memberhip of students who were suspended is is frosen during the period of suspention.
  • For a student to be be elected as a member for an Administrative Board, the student shoud not be on probation or unsuccessful (2.00 out of 4), should not be in the Administrative Board of any other Club/Society and must have completed the tenth semester as an undergraduate student except for the Preparatory Program.

Atatürk's Thought Club

President: Hasan Furkan EFEOĞLU

Advisor:  Prof. Dr. Tülay ALİM BARAN  / Institute of Atatürk Principles and Revolution History

Our Goal:  As Atatürk’s Thought Club in Yeditepe University, our goal is to introduce Atatürk and his ideas to the whole university population in accordance with the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s principles based on reason and science.

Anthropology Club

President: Yuşa Ece DEMİRAL

Advisor: Assistant Prof. Dr. Ayşe Hilal TUZTAŞ HORZUMLU / Anthropology Department

Purpose:​ The mission of the Anthropology Club is to raise awareness of cultural diversity, develop cultural sensitivity, and expose students to Anthropological experiences. This club explores topics in Anthropology and provides different forums for the exchange of ideas. The club may perform occasional online interviews with scholars and knowledgeable figures, partake in documentary screenings, and anthropological discussions.


Architecture and Civil Engineering Society

Chairperson: Aysu BAŞARAN

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ece Ceylan BABA /

Purpose: To bring people with different architectural, aesthetic and artistic ideas under one roof, and to contribute to new perspectives in architecture through mutual exchange of ideas.

Art Club (Artractive)

President: Berfin Su KOCAOLUK

Advisor: Assistant Prof. Dr. Bahar OSKAY / Plastic Arts and Painting Department

Purpose: To increase interest in art and design with the activities organized at our university and to support the studies of graduate Fine Arts students with experiences gained in their field and the environment they acquire.

Automotive Club

President: Barbaros EFE

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Necdet ASLAN / Physics Department

Purpose: Our club's primary goal is to participate in the contest called Shell Eco-Marathon and its derivative the Tübitak Efficiency Challenge, aiming to represent our school in the best way. Our biggest goal is to create a concept that enables students to develop themselves and create different products instead of creating standard products.

Biotechnology Society

President: Ayşe Tuğçe ŞAHİN   

Advisor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali Özhan AYTEKİN  / Department of Genetics and Bioengineering     

Our Goal: To lay the groundwork for the collaboration of our students, who study biology and technology-related disciplines; to introduce the practices and applications of biotechnological developments in the scientific and industrial field; and to provide internship options for our students and help them with their career planning.


Business Administration Club

President: Ersun ARICI

Advisor:      / Faculty Of Economy And Admınıstratıve Scıences

Our Goal: Yeditepe University Management Club (YUMAC) believes in the necessity of personal development, when it comes to the tedious path from university to business life. It functions as a bridge between the student of Yeditepe University and the business world. We aim to provide our students with the opportunities that would help them reach their dreams. We wish to be become a contemporary, respected, active, and revolutionary student club that any student of Yeditepe University would feel glad to be a part of. In the light of this goal, we have organized a lot of certificated programs, case studies, company excursions, and interviews. In the meantime, our goal is to bring together our students with middle level directors as well as executive leaders in the highest positions at the organizations in Turkey and worldwide. Additionally, we wish to guide our students throughout their university experience, and to ensure that they become self-confident students, who know what they want to do when they finish university by exchanging our own experiences.


Computer Society

President: Ayben Berjan Başkoç

Advisor: Doç. Dr. Emin Erkan KORKMAZ / Department of Computer Engineering

Our Goal: To represent our university in the field of computers at the international platforms; to promote information-sharing; and to create an environment that encourages generation of new ideas and their further development. 


Dance Club


President: İlayda Ecem PÖGE

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Erkut AKKARTAL / International Logistics and Transportation Department

Purpose: Yeditepe University Dance Club providing education in five different dance branches (Latin American, Hiphop, Salsa, Tango, Belly Dance) throughout the year, allows students the opportunity to be on the stage with traditional Dance Festival and represents the university in organizations outside the school. Dance Club, which has brought the musical tradition to Yeditepe University, prepares students for stage performance by providing education in three different branches and help them to discover themselves.



Diş Hekimliği Kulübü

Başkan: Melisa EMİROĞLU

Danışman: Doç. Dr. Nilüfer ERSAN / Diş Hekimliği Fakültesi

Amaç: YUDSA (Yeditepe University Dental Students’ Association / Yeditepe Üniversitesi Diş Hekimliği Kulübü), Yeditepe Üniversitesi Diş Hekimliği Fakültesi öğrencilerinin kendilerini geliştirmesine ve bugünün dünyasına donanımlı gençler olarak hazırlanmasına katkıda bulunulması amacıyla faaliyet göstermektedir. Ulusal ve uluslararası platformda fakültemizi temsil etmek ve gelişmeleri yakından takip ederek üniversitemiz öğrencilerinin dünya standartlarına uygun mezun olabilmesini sağlanması aynı zamanda akademik ve sosyal alandaki becerilerinin de gelişimine katkıda bulunulması hedeflenmektedir.

Debate Club

President: Adnan Cem KIRAL

Advisor: Assistant Prof. Dr. Özlem AKKAYA / Department of Public Relations and Publicity

Purpose: As a Debate Club, we aim to inquiry life from a broad framework, to empathize, and to express our ideas argumentatively in front of a crowd on a wide range of topics based on an immense number of academic and social issues. Also we are aiming to improve our persuasion capabilities. For that, we engage both in Turkish and English debate contest, organize debate events in high schools and universities, and we provide educational programs for our members. All these events that are convened by us are conducting our personal improvement with a great efficiency. 

Dental Students' Association

President: Melisa EMİROĞLU

Advisor: Assistant Prof. Dr. Nilüfer ERSAN / Faculty of Dentistry

Purpose: YUDSA (Yeditepe University Dental Students' Association) operates to contribute to the development of Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentistry students and to prepare them as young people equipped for today's world.
Also YUDSA intends to represent our faculty in the national and international platforms and closely following developments, to enable our university students to graduate in accordance with world standards, and to contribute to the development of their academic and social skills.

Educational Research Club

President: Hümay KÖKDEMİR

Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Oğuzhan DOĞAN / Elementary Mathematics Education Department

Purpose: Our main goal is to increase the ability of critical thinking and problem solving in educational and social contexts, while pursuing sustainability and the developmental goals, by contributing to the never-ending personal development of the individual.

Environment and Ecology Society

Chairperson: Halil ERTAN

Supervisor: Sedefhan OĞUZ

Purpose: Starting at our school and our community as a whole, our aim is to reach an idealist individuals who will defend and protects natural beings and the environment.

Entrepreneurship Club

President: Mustafa Buğra TAŞ

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Özlem KUNDAY / Business Admınıstratıon Department (English)

Purpose: To educate our students in line with entrepreneurship philosophy; to help our members reach out to prominent institutions and organization in order to work collaboratively.


Esports Club

President: Ferhat Efe ATALAR

Advisor: Associate Prof. Dr. Fazlı YILDIRIM / Department of Information Systems and Technologies

Purpose: Yeditepe Esports Club is a student organization dedicated to the growth and development of the competitive gaming culture and community at the University of Yeditepe. To develop this culture and society through planned programs and activities organized both inside and outside the school; and to provide the students with new experiences by establishing connections with other companies, universities and students is the sole goal of the Yeditepe Esports.

Finance Club

President: Esra YİĞİT

Advisor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Müge TİRYAKİOĞLU BATUR / International Finance Department

Purpose: Yeditepe University Finance Club focused on the World even though it was a newly-established club. This is the reason why it started working to be a close friend of the universal thinking students. Yeditepe University Finance Club, feeling the wants of the students although they are interested in different industries and dream of creating different future plans, organises various events not for only today, also for both past and future. Moreover, it aims to be a reference organization of the students for their careers. To be a club living in current trends in its own way and making its members live in as well, not just following them.

Room: Faculty of Commerce Building - Ground Floor Z-12 A

Folklore Club

President: Ecenur YILMAZ

Advisor:  Assistant Prof. Dr. Çağrı Levent USLU / Economics Department

Purpose: Yeditepe University Folklore Club principles are introducing Turkish Folk Dances and traditional folk culture's examples to our students in a attractive way. With those, endairing Turkish Folk Culture and gathering students under the this socia cultural structure. Also representing Yeditepe University and our country in national and international qualifications, competitions, festivals and organizations.


Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Club

President: Fevzi Can ACAR

Advisor: Associate Prof. Dr Sibel ÖZİLGEN / Head of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department

Purpose: To ensure students, who can already produce projects, adopt team discipline, moral, organization and communication skills as a principle, in the way to be signed within the framework of Yeditepe University Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts with an active and social team awareness, with principles to support and follow developments in the sector.

History Society

President: İrem Miyase BAŞAR

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Ahmet TAŞAĞIL / Head of History Department

Purpose: The main mission of the History Community is to able to comment on history from different perspectives. We aim to organize symposia, seminars, historical and cultural events with our academicians who are experts in their area of speciality. Under the leadership of Prof Dr. Ahmet Taşağıl of our community, we aim to instill the awerness of history in Yeditepe University students.

International Association for the Exchange of Students of Technical Experience

President: Burak KAYMAZ

Advisor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Sanem ARGIN / Department of Food Engineering  

Our Goal: Our association functions as the student branch of IAESTE at Yeditepe University, providing our students with paid internship opportunities across the world. Our main goal is to help our students at Yeditepe University to work as interns at foreign companies as well as helping students coming from foreign universities to work as interns in Turkish companies.


President: Baransel ÇELİK

Advisor: Assistant Prof. Dr. Çağla ÖZEN / Department of Information Systems and Technologies

Purpose: The main goal of Yeditepe University Informatics Club is to organize current events on technology and trends and prepare students for the requirements of the age of informatics. In this sense, students learn about professional life through field trips, technical trainings and conferences with experts in their fields.


International Trade Club

President: Nihan ALBAYRAK

Advisor: Assistant Prof. Dr. Tülay YAZAR ÖZTÜRK / International Trade and Business Department

Purpose: The aim of this course is to inform students about the general framework of foreign trade and to give them the ability to apply and manage foreign trade activities.​

International Relations Club

President: Ezgi Seren MERCANOĞLU

Advisor: Dr. Hasan Tekin ENEREM / Department of Political Science and International Relations (English)

Purpose: Our aim is to be students who can experience internationally and to realize these experiences as a Yeditepe graduate in our professional life.

International Students Society (YISS)

Başkan:  Damla Sena KARAKAYA          

Danışman: Prof. Dr. Hülya AKGÜN  / Eczacılık Fakültesi   

Amacı: Uluslararası bir networkün parçası olan YISS kulübünün temel amacı Erasmus-Exchange programları dahilinde okulumuza gelen öğrencilere yardım etmektir. Oturum izni alınması gibi çeşitli resmi süreçlerde yardımcı olan, üniversitemizin, şehrimizin, ülkemizin tanıtımı sağlayan, öğrencilerin adaptasyonlarını hızlandıran ve onların keyifli vakit geçirmelerini sağlamak amacıyla çeşitli etkinlikler düzenleyen gönüllülük esasına dayanan bir öğrenci kulübüdür.

International Day that took place on May 5th is a festival day that YISS/ESN Yeditepe organizes in our university with the support of Erasmus and Exchange students. On that day, there were tables from many different countries, our university’s Erasmus/Exchange students prepared their traditional cuisine, introduced their cultures and countries. Furthermore, Erasmus and Exchange students gave information and answer our university and full time international students’ questions about their universities and shared their experiences in Erasmus+ programme. Moreover, the traditional songs and games of Erasmus and Exchange students’ countries’ are played. The information about ESN and projects and activities of YISS/ESN Yeditepe was also given and  after that information related to international projects of ESN such as Mov’in Europe, ExchangeAbility and SocialErasmus, buddies of the section and Erasmus-Exchange students make some projects including feeding dogs in our campus, collecting trash and drawing without using our hands.

Law Club

Chairperson: Hüsamettin DOĞAN

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Sultan UZELTÜRK / Faculty of Law

Purpose: To organize seminars, conferences and certificate programs on all aspects of the law to give students jurist identification while taking into account the interaction between different branches of law.

• In addition, the club publishes a journal of law faculty students called "Window", which covers academic articles written by valuable academics, interviews, and a wide range of content in which students can take the opportunity to present their ideas.

• Conducts various academic and social activities in order to contribute to a cultural and social platform needed for future lawyers to be able to express themselves freely and to pursue a university spirit for this purpose.

• Yeditepe University Law Club was established in order to contribute to the development of free lawyers who believed in the rule of law and developed a sense of justice in the light of Ataturk's Principles and Revolutions. 


Literature Society

President: Bahar ACARARICIN

Advisor: Assistant Prof. Dr. Bahar GÖKPINAR / Turkish Language and Literature Department

Purpose: Our club aims to increase the awareness of the students who are interested in literature with academic and social activities to be held within the club, and to create areas where they can express themselves in the academic calendar of 2019-2020.)

Logistics Club

President: Melis DEMİR

Vice President: Furkan AKHAN

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Erdal NEBOL / Department of Logistics Management

Purpose: Yeditepe University Logistics Club was established in 2006. The Logistics Club, which has been continuing its activities with a strong acceleration since its establishment, brings students together with the leaders of the sector with activities such as conferences, technical trips, training, social responsibility projects, webinar, Career and Logistics Forum and becomes a leading club nationwide.



Medical Club

Medical Club


President: Yiğitcan ÇELİK
Advisor:    Prof. Dr. Gülderen Yanıkkaya Demirel / Faculty of Medicine

Our Goal: To lay the groundwork for the collaboration, information exchange, and communication across medicine students of Turkey and foreign countries. To raise consciousness towards global health issues; and to open up new horizons for our medicine students through the opportunities and programs offered by agency of TurkMSIC and EMSA.



Model United Nations (MUN) Club

President: Elif GÜNEŞ

Advisor: Associate Prof. Dr. Gökçe BAYINDIR GOULARAS / French Political Science and International Relations Department

Purpose: Yeditepe Model United Nations Society, as the most-rooted MUN club in Turkey, was founded in 2007 with the purpose of simulating the United Nations and its bodies. Within the club activities each year three conferences are held annually, each of them aiming to achieve different goals: Yeditepe Model United Nations Training and Development Conference, Justinianus Moot Courts, Model United Nations Istanbul. All three conferences, welcome every student in different fields of interest. Participants have the chance to take part in different positions, exchange their point of views, present their leadership skills, develop themselves at public speaking and practice their foreign language skills. Y-MUN Club still carries on their activities with the collaborations of various universities’ MUN clubs, which are both in Turkey and abroad, to raise the youth in today’s world.


Music Club

President: Serhat KARSLI

Advisor: Dr. Faculty Member Hande TEK TURAN / Public Administration Department

Purpose: Yeditepe University Music Club has been trying to cover all music genres since its establishment in 1998. For this purpose, many projects such as Rhythm Ensemble, Folk Music Choir, Symphony Orchestra have been implemented and have achieved significant success. Founded in 2012 and still active Yeditepe Polyphonic Choir, is one of the first university choir in Turkey. Art director & conductor of the choir is Fehmi Cesur Özdemir. Apart from these communities, Music Club members have succeeded in making a significant difference on the campus with various group concerts, workshops and festivals over the years. When we entered the 2020s, various projects were initiated to keep up with the spirit of current music and to give opportunities to all styles of musicians on the campus. Music Points and Piano Recitals are the best examples of this. We are waiting for those who want to participate in this music feast all over the campus!


Mechanical Engineering Club

Chairperson: Oğuzhan KILIÇ

Supervisor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Fethi OKYAR / Faculty of Engineering

Purpose: Club Mechanical Engineering aims to provide students with the support they need not only in social and cultural developments but also in the technical and academic fields of our students.

Natural Disasters Search and Rescue Team (YUDAK)

President: Mustafa Kemal ATALI

Advisor: Taner KARABULUT / Director of Sports

Purpose: Responding to any emergency situation occurring in the campus and to raise awareness of students and employees by providing trainings regularly. Training a well-equipped emergency response team with technical knowledge and intelligence that can respond to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and fires as well as accidents occuring in the nature by establishing a search and rescue team within the club.

Philosophy Society

President: Melisa YILMAZ

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Saffet BABÜR / Head of Philosophy Department

Purpose: The purpose of our events is let students demonstrate their research skills, as well as their analytical thinking and questioning, and to create an environment where they can develop unique philosophical perspectives on different topics.

Photography Club



Our Goal: YÜFOK is a social student club that aims to popularize amateur photography and to bring together amateur photographers.


Psychology Club

President: Elif YILDIRIM

Advisor: Assistant Prof. Dr. Alev Yalçınkaya / Department of Psychology

Our Goal: Yeditepe University Psychology Club aims to bring together students, who are interested in psychology, and for this particular goal, we organize seminars and conferences, where our members get the chance to meet and connect with expert academicians in their fields.


Public Relations and Publicity Club

President: Beyza ÖZCAN

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Pelin HÜRMERİÇ  / Department of Public Relations and Publicity - Faculty of Communication Vice Dean

Purpose: To bring together our students under a same roof, where it would be possible to express their ideas and perspective on any topic freely and comtemporarily; to lay the groundwork for our members’ social, intellectual and cultural studies.

Sinema Kulübü

Başkan: Kübra KARAÇAY

Danışman:  Öğr. Gör. Erkan ÜNALAN / Radyo- Tv Sinema Bölümü

Amacı: Yeditepe Üniversitesi Sinema Kulübü, düzenlediği atölyeler ile film çekimleri yaparak, çeşitli yarışmalara ve festivallere katılma amacını taşıyor. Film gösterimleri yaparak filmlerin analizlerini yapabilmek için tartışma ortamı sağlıyor. Bu tür etkinliklerin yanında üyeleri ile birlikte film festivallerine katılarak sosyal etkinlikler gerçekleştirmekte olan bir eğlence ve öğretici kulüp olma amacını taşıyor.


Sanitas Club

President: Beyza Buket YÜKSEK

Advisor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Gülengül DUMAN / Faculty of Pharmacy

Purpose: As SANİTAS, both students of Medical Faculty, Pharmacy Faculty, Health Sciences Faculty which are Nutrition and Dietetics, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Nursing, and everyone who are principally interested in HEALTH, take it as one's major duty to bring together overall approaches of developing and changing Health Sciences by multidisciplinary. Health Club SANİTAS includes three groups within the body YUPSA (Yeditepe University Pharmacy Students' Association), YUDienSA (Yeditepe University Nutrition and Dietetics Students' Association) and YUNSA (Yeditepe University Nursing Students' Association).

Science-Fiction Club

President: Şan SARABİL

Advisor:     / Department of Information Systems and Technologies

Our Goal: To bring together those, who are interested in role playing games, fantasy fiction, collectibles, science-fiction, animes, mangas and comic books; to ensure that our members spend their time pleasurably; and to represent our university at the conventions held by the science-fiction clubs of other universities in the best way possible.

System Engineering Society (YUSES)

President: Çağla ALPARSLAN

Advisor: Associate Prof. Dr. Dilek TÜZÜN AKSU / Department of Industrial Engineering

Purpose: Having started our works in 2006, YUSES (Yeditepe University System Engineering Society) is the first and only System Engineering Society in Turkey, having been founded in January 2007. Apart from preparing our members, who study at the department of Industrial Engineering with technical excursions and case studies for their future business life, our goal is to introduce System Engineering effectively through publishing our annual journal and participating in professional expositions. Additionally, we aim to represent Yeditepe University in the Industrial Engineering organizations in Turkey and in the world and organize similar events on our part, which bring together our students and graduates with academics in the field.

Social Support and Solidarity Club

President: Simge RİŞVAN

Advisor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Bengi KORGAVUŞ / Urban Design and Landscape Architecture Department

Purpose: To provide social support for those in need of help, both in and outside of the university as well as contributing to our students’ social awareness by engaging them with social awareness projects.


Sociology Society

President: Gaye ÖZDEMİR

Advisor: Assistant Prof. Dr. Fazilet Ahu ÖZMEN AKALIN / Sociology Department

Purpose: It aims to organize activities with sociological content in order to understand the society in which we are a member, to evaluate social facts and events from a sociological perspective, to analyze social needs and problems and to produce solutions, and to gain the ability to approach sociological events and facts with a critical view.

Sports Club

President: Arda VATANSEVER        

Advisor: Taner KARABULUT

Our Goal:  To bring together students, who are interested in any field of sports; to generalize the love of nature and sports within our university.


The Radio Club

Head: Mert GÜVEN


AIMS: To make students follow developments and gain experience about the radio which is considered a friendly mean of communication. In addition, promote and boost university radio activities, announce university events and activities, make students and experts from the sector meet, and organize workshops and activities.

Theatre Club

President: Sena ARICI

Advisor: Assistant Prof. Dr. Feryade TOKAN ŞENOL / Department of Journalism

Purpose: To prepare theatre plays with our students, who are interested in rehearsing and preparing for their own plays in the students’ extracurricular time as well as aiming to take our plays not only to the stage at our university but also other universities within the scope of the festival.


Wish Volunteers Club

President: Beril YAZICI

Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Can Tansel KAYA / Business Administration - Director of Continuing Education Center

Purpose: As Yeditepe University Wish Volunteer Club, with its different social responsibility projects and activities carried out throughout the year, it brings together people who need help regardless of age range. it aims to spread the awareness of volunteering at Yeditepe University and touch the heart of a person, not to be insensitive to socio-cultural problems.

Yeditepe University "Wish Volunteers" Meet Students from Midyat


Women in Business Club

President: Rumeysa TURAN

Advisor: Associate Prof. Dr. Ayşe Gönül DEMİREL / Business Administration Department

Purpose: YWIB was established in order to provide that young students of Yeditepe University and successful role models in business World be together, learn about secrets of business life from them and start to build their network yet at university. Moreover, the purpose of YWIB Student Club is that raise awareness about women’s status in business and social.

World Music Club

President: Göksu ACAR

Advisor: Lecturer Gözde Dumlu BİLGİN / Faculty of Health Sciences Nutrition and Dietetics Department

Purpose: To perform successful stage performances in all music genres with sound education and style knowledge studies on the style of the pronunciation of music genres that affect all societies in the world.


President: Elif Hilal TURMUŞ

Advisor: Assistant Prof. Dr. Tevfik Sönmez KÜÇÜK / Faculty of Law

Purpose: The motto of our club, which was established this year, comes from unity and solidarity here. Our club's mascot Hamdi is always with us in our events and sometimes takes the wheel and run the show. We help the cultural development of students with our interactive out-of-town trips, monthly entertainment where we discover different cultures from the world and our own country. We are also the first and the only university club that produces professional content on Youtube. We have two programs; Yeditepe Sokakları (Yeditepe Streets) and Demlendik (Brewed). We perform street interviews on campus for Yeditepe Sokakları (We can meet you at any moment). In the Demlendik Show, we welcome and chat with successful and popular people in their field, and keeping audince under limited number provides students to communicate with the  guest, and find answers to the questions they are curious about the occupation and life of the guest. We look forward to seeing you among us in this crazy team. Stay with YUNITY.