Vahit Zorlu

Vahit Zorlu
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Vahit Zorlu was born in Isparta in 1955. After completing his primary and secondary education in Aydın and high school education in Istanbul, he graduated from the Physical Education Teaching department of the Faculty of Education of Marmara University. He then started his career in the Directorate of Youth and Sports in 1977. Later, he started working as a physical education teacher in Beyoğlu Fındıklı High School in 1979 and continued working in Kabataş Erkek High School and Private Moran High School. Afterwards, he started working in ISTEK Foundation Private Belde High School in 1987 for uninterrupted 24 years under the titles ‘Physical Education Teacher’, ‘Presidency of Applied Courses Department’ and ‘Sport Cordinatorship of ISTEK Schools’. Finally, he has been working full-time in the University of Yeditepe as the ‘Sports Coordinator’ and ‘Handball Coach’ since 2011. Vahit Zorlu attended to a handball coaching training in the Baden-Württemberg state of Germany in 1978 and he won first rankings in several championships held in Istanbul and Turkey, at school levels while working for Beyoğlu Fındıklı High School, Private Moran High School and ISTEK Foundation Private Belde High School and at sports clubs levels, while working for Taç Spor, Arcelik, Profilo Holding, Yesilyurt, Beşiktaş, Istek Foundation, Dostspor and Yeditepe. Vahit Zorlu had also participated to the Handball European and World Championships held in the city of Teramo, Italy with ISTEK Foundation and Dostspor sports clubs for a total of 37 times where he made our country proud by winning twice the second ranking in the European Championship, once the second ranking in the World Championship (Dostspor) and once the third ranking in the World Championship (Istek Foundation). Additionally, he also participated to the University European Championships with the Boys Handball Team of University of Yeditepe held in 2016 in Rijeko, Croatia and in 2018 in Coimbra, Portugal. Moreover, he won the ninth ranking in the World School Championship held by the International School Sports Federation in Greece and he has assumed several duties in the Girls and Boys National Teams since 1978 and worked as a coach of the Olympic National Team during the South Korea Olympics. He has been continuously training with teams in the Turkey Super League and had won first, second and third rankings in Turkey with the Handball Team of Yeditepe University.

Vahit Zorlu had also undertaken responsibilities as being a member of the Board of Directors and other several duties at a technical level for the Handball Federation and the School Sports Federation.
He is married and has two children.