Making Selection Announcements

Following the start of the academic year, announcements are made on the campus under the name of “Sports Team Selection” through the University Web page, announcement posters and social media.

Athlete Selection Criteria

Candidates who are under 22 years of age, Prep-school students, undergraduate and post-graduate students (with a GPA above 2.00) who have not received any disciplinary penalty (Master and PhD students cannot compete as required by FISU, EUSA and TÜSF Competition instructions).

Establishment of Scholarship Commission and Selection of Sports Scholarship Teams

A commission of at least 4 (four) members is established, including the Commission President, Sports Manager appointed by the Rectorate, a high-level Coach from outside the institution, and the relevant Branch Coach. As a result of the applications of candidates who meet the athlete selection criteria, the stations that can measure the motoric characteristics of the student such as club or license history, force-speed-endurance and quickness in the relevant sports branch. As a result of the evaluation, the students who will join the team and receive 50% Sports Scholarship are selected. “Basketball (Women-Men), Handball (Women-Men), Volleyball (Women-Men)”

Other Sport Branches Selection

The selection of other sports teams without sports scholarships, by the staff and part-time Coaches and Master Trainers who are in the Sports Directorate staff, as in the same scholarship students, the physical structure of the student in accordance with the relevant sports branch, taking into account the characteristics of the student's enrollment, age and course success. Previously, the stations that can measure the motoric features such as club or license history, force-speed-speed and quickness in this sport are made as a result of the measurements made.