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Alumni Relations

Yeditepe University

As the Yeditepe University Alumni Relations Office, we work in collaboration with YUMED to strengthen the communication between our alumni and the university through various events. Our goal is to contribute to the personal and professional development of our students in their career goals, uphold the Yeditepe University culture, and foster solidarity within the Yeditepe Family.

Our university's alumni office is here to support our graduates in their careers, establish business connections, and maintain their ties with our university. We keep track of our alumni, communicate with them, and take pride in their achievements.

Our students are motivated by the career journeys and success stories of our graduates and draw inspiration from all our alumni.

Alumni, who remember their student years with both its beauties and challenges, express their longing for the campus on one hand and contact the Career Development and Alumni Relations Office on the other to discuss how they can contribute to our current students.